Aaron Rogers + Danica Patrick at the DAYTONA 500!

What QBs would make great Nascar drivers? 

Poll: How are You Celebrating President's Day?
George H.W. Bush (the 41st President of the United States) threw the coin toss in a game last year. He loves football just like the rest of us. 

How are you celebrating President's Day?

A) NO SCHOOL! Madden. All. Day.

B) Pick-up game with my friends.

C) Staying in my PJs and Watching NFL highlights.

D) Going to a museum.

E) Other (tell us in the comments) 

Join us in wishing Vikings QB Case Keenum a very happy 30th birthday!

Larry Fitzgerald’s coming back for the 2018 season!!!

Awwww, Danny Boy. Love you, too.

oneother just scored 1,575 points in Fast Sack Attack!
Poll: Best Division in the NFL?
Is the NFC EAST the best division in the NFL?

A) Yes. They are the only division where every team has won a Super Bowl.

B) No. The best division is __________________ (tell us in the comments)

Join us in wishing Titans RB DeMarco Murray a very Happy Birthday!

Those are some wise words, QB.

Poll: A Dynasty in Philadelphia?
Is the Eagles Super Bowl win the beginning of a Dynasty in Philadelphia?

A) Yes! This is just the beginning!

B) Nope. That win is a one and done. It was a total fluke!

Will the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl next season?

What an incredible sight! Philadelphia LOVES their Eagles!

Lebron had some kind supportive words for the MVP!

8 years ago the Saints won Super Bowl 44!

Nick Foles is the newest member of the QB Lombardi Club!

Welcome, dude!

Great Britain has a  Super Bowl CHAMPION! 

Yay, Jay Train!!!  

The Eagles won the Super Bowl.

No. Nope. That wasn't a dream.


Carson Wentz has his first Super Bowl ring. 

Football is Family.

Poll: Which Coach Would You Rather Play For?
Which Coach Would You Rather Play For?

A) Doug Pederson

B) Bill Belichick

Move over Rocky. 

Nick Foles has arrived!


James White, Patriots, TD! 

Pink did an AWESOME job performing the National Anthem! 

Today is the greatest game of the greatest sport. So, naturally, people all over the world are tunning in to watch the event unfold!

How fun is this?! 

Which cartoon version of a player is your favorite?